The Importance of Monitoring

Monitoring and maintenance are critical to ensure the productivity of the PV system. A research on the performance has shown that the monitored plant effectively has a high productivity of 5% compared to a system without a control system (or a system not very reliable). For an installation of 10 kWp, this percentage corresponds to an amount of 300 € / year. Similarly, a 100 kWp system with monitoring device produces 7,000 kW / h more, which is the equivalent to about 3000 € / year

Is therefore useful to monitor the production of energy through the collection and analysis of data arising from the operation of your system. Obviously more the plant is large more this operation becomes necessary. Nevertheless, even for small domestic systems monitoring is a useful feature to avoid surprises in the counts of 'onsite exchange'.

Is important in the event of malfunction or abnormal loss of production, able to act quickly "to run for cover" as soon as possible. Identify the causes and take action quickly and efficiently becomes a necessity in order not to lose precious hours of sunshine and energy production.

For large photovoltaic systems, which are based on large investments, monitoring can become a real "energetic intellicence" service, which is a set of systems, skills and technologies to monitor, manage, maintain and improve the performance and efficiency of photovoltaic systems in the medium to long term.

These activities can be done remotely, using the network and the web, and using a system of "alert" able to promptly notify the manager, real time, in case of failure on the system. For these needs, there are several solutions on the market today,

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