Maintenance of your Pv System

Increase performance of your PV system is crucial. Improved productivity in fact leads to greater production of electricity during the year and therefore more gain or savings. The action to put in place are few and simple and will illustrate them today in this guide.

How to increase the production of electric energy
First you need to check the insulation of the modules that must always be exposed to sunlightUsually the plants are installed in the summer or spring, when the sun is higher. The technicians have the tools to study the solar movement throughout the year, so they are able to predict any shadows that may arise during the hours of the day, especially in the early morning or late afternoon.
However, this does not always happenA shadow could not have been predictedA light pole, a tree, a building. Everything may interpose between the sun and solar module, 
a shadow on panel may invalidate performance of all the modules connected in the same string
Secondly, it is always advisable to clean the solar panels, especially after a rain or after days of wind from the south who may have brought sand. There is also the bird droppings, which impairs the efficiency of a module. Use a sponge and water and rinse the glass moduleIf is not possibile to reach them you can use a rod. Be careful not to use abrasives productstoo aggressive or brushes that could scratch the glass that would prejudice the operation of the module.

Choose solar panels with high efficiency.

In the design phase one of the indexes that we need to consider in the choice of modules is the level of efficiency: only a part of the energy coming from the sun is in fact used for the conversion into electricityWe speak of values usually between 13 and 20% for crystalline silicon modules (mono or polyand of 9-12% for the thin film panels.
On the market there are high performance modules, such as Sunpower and PanasonicThey are unique because they can have efficiencies of 20% against an average of 15%. It means to produce more electricity using the same space occupancy of the module. Obviously we have to consider higher spending for their purchase.

Solar trackers and log production

You can have an increase in the production of electricity during the year using solar trackersThe modules are mounted on bases with an electric motor that rotates with the movement of the sun. The panels will always be exposed perpendicularly to the sun, so the exposure is high and production increased. However, the electricity produced in the most will be absorbed by the motor of the solar trackers and you may consider also costs for the purchase of solar trackers.

Keep a register of production.
Keep a notebook on which mark the daily performance. Then you will have control of the situation in case of failure or drop in production and will be able to realize immediately that something is wrong.
It could be a failure of a modulea shadow caused by the sudden fluttering of a sheet that went on a panel, or even the theft of some form. Remember that to prevent theft there are on the market excellent specific alarms for solar panels.

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