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Incentives for those who continue to install PV systems in 2015

Until December 31, 2015 you can still take advantage of a large tax relief and get of 50% of the cost incurred for the installation of a photovoltaic system

How does it work
A tax reduction will be paid in 10 yearly installments of the same amount, so for example a photovoltaic system valued at € 40,000, € 20,000 will be refunded in 10 years, amounting to € 2,000 every 12 months, through reduction of tax.


Who can benefits
Property owners, tenants, members of partnerships or cooperatives, as well as entrepreneurs, in the case where the property has not been classified as goods and capital equipment of company.

Facilitated VAT
For PV systems, in addition to the income tax reduction of 50%, VAT is applied to 10% instead of 22%.

How to claim the tax deduction
It is very important that payments are made under the following guidelines:
• the purpose of payment with references to legislation
• the social security number of the recipient of the deduction
• the invoice number and the VAT number of the person in whose favor the transfer is made

 Example purpose of payment:
"Payment Photovoltaic Panels and accessories for building renovation 50% (Law 449/1997 and Article 16-bis of the FCA, and Law no. 134/2012, by John Smith RSSMRA50A41H501R for the Invoice nr. 1234 dated 14.11.2013 in favor of 'Company srl VAT n° 01234567890 ".

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