Color Your photovoltaic system

One of the problems of photovoltaic solar panels, which created hostility between the professionals of the building industry, it is their dark color due to the presence of the cells and connections that are in the offing. Reason for which are often unsightly and too much in contrast with the colors and the style usually used for buildings. After all we know that often the good can not be too nice.
A recent discovery, however, could subvert this maxim. CSEM, a Swiss company private and non-profit that deals with applied research, focused in the direction of sustainability, has discovered the way to achieve the impossible: build whites solar panels that reflect most of the light, which goes against the normal operation of the solar cells.
This is due to a nano-technology that allows solar cells to convert infrared radiation into electrical energy and a selective filter diffusion disperses the entire spectrum of visible during the transmission of the infrared.
It can be applied on an existing panel or go to compose a new form and take place on flat or curved surfaces. The possibilities are varied: in addition to white customizations are provided also with other colors, thereby generating a variety that can be expended to increase the attractiveness in terms of design, of the product.

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