The term "photovoltaic" contains in itself all the meaning of the discovery dating from the 50s: "photo" comes from "light", "voltaic" comes from Alessandro Volta, inventor of the battery. Photovoltaic technology making it possible to tap into the energy radiated by the sun and produce electricity. The photovoltaic cells connected together forming a "module", a set of modules composed a photovoltaic system. The photovoltaic effect that comes from solar radiation on the modules takes advantage of the different behavior of the semiconductors used by the producer.
The types of module are different but in outline can be divided the most reliable and marketed category of products based on silicon in:

  • monocrystalline modules: n which each cell is made from a silicon bars whose crystal structure is homogeneous (single crystal). The uniqueness of these products is the high efficiency that is achieved, however, only under optimal logistic conditions; since it requires a direct radiation of the sun with south placement and optimal inclination of about 30°;
  • polycrystalline modules: n which the silicon cells are not homogeneous but structurally organized in grains locally ranked (polycrystal). These panels are close to the yields of mono-crystalline and have similar characteristics and reactions;
  • modules in amorphous: also known as "thin film" in which the siliceous atoms are chemically deposited in amorphous form, or structurally disorganized, on the surface of support. This technology uses very small amounts of silicon, but compared to previous has much lower efficiency values (and therefore need a lot of surface area). The peculiar characteristic of this type of module is the fact that the photovoltaic effect arises also by indirect light, and then diffused and not necessarily requires an optimal positioning.

Other technologies developed (not as much as the silicon) are: Cadmiom Telluride (CdTe), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Indium Diselenide (CIS) and Indium Gallium Diselenide (CIGS).

Why Invest

Photovoltaics is the technology that pays the debt to the environment.

Thanks photovoltaic sun becomes a great and inexhaustible and valuable source of renewable energy. Photovoltaic is for the company an opportunity unmissable because:

Is a safely investment

  • established technology with production guarantees up to 25 years and over
  • local or remote monitoring systems, plant productivity
  • all-risk insurance policies for indirect damage and therefore also for any failure to energy production
  • pay-back time well-defined

Is a profitable investment

  • reduction in energy costs and protection from the continuous tariff increases
  • the property on which you install the PV system increases its value
  • possibility to amortize it like any asset
  • financial loans concessional

is an ethical investment

  • the corporate image is strengthened and enriched with ethical values ​​such as eco-sustainability and respect for the environment
  • significant reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  • investment to create a better future
Practical example
Company Informations
Geographical position: Verona
Annual average consumption of Energy: 70.000 kWh
Average energy costs: 0,17 euro/kWh
Annual spending electrical energy: 11.900 euro
Installation Informations
Power installation: 50,00 kWp
Energy production: 1.240 kWh/kWp
Annual Production: 62.000 kWh
Value of Intallation: 250.000 euro (iva 10% esclusa)
Module Integration type: totalmente integrato
Kind of installation: falda inclinata
Rates recognized by GSE: 0,4312 euro/kWh
Agreement: scambio sul posto
Economics benefits
Income from GSE in 20 years: 62.000 x 0,4312 x 20 = 534.688,00 euro
savings in energy costs over 20 years: 62.000 x 0,17 x 20 = 210.800,00 euro
Total Gain in 20 years = (534.688,00 + 210.800,00) – 250.000 = 495.488,00 euro
Rate of return = 11,20%
Payback time = 9 anni
Environment benefits
tons of CO2 emissions avoided = 32.922 kg.

The purpose of Sinergi is to place alongside the Company to enable it to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by renewable energy and in particular solar energy. Only the best fruit, the ones that provide energy.

The right Installation
Sinergi turns into a reliable partner at the first site inspection: already during the initial recognition Sinergi immediately suggests the system and the anchoring system most appropriate depending on the available surface area and its features. The proposed solution is derived from a synergistic mix of skills in the field of photovoltaic, electrical and construction industries. A well-rooted installation, means fruit for a long future.

Transparency is another good reassuring reason: Sinergi presents a project accompanied by a detailed economic and financial analysis and tables full of numbers, to guarantee the final result. The certainty of the crop, to protect the investment.

And finally, the presence: Sinergi joined the Company in order to give substance to the project, until the harvest of the first fruits and over, continually offering all the assistance and required maintenance. The care and attention for a lush development.

Turnkey Projects

Sinergi studying the most advanced technologies applicable to the individual case in order to offer the best possible solution to the needs of each client.

The concept of turnkey is based on a highly professional service with the intent to differentiate itself in the market for the high quality of the solution.

Sinergi will be the only point of reference for all of the following activities:

  • inspection and techno-economic data collection
  • annual analysis average consumption and system design
  • preliminary design of the installation and estimate investment
  • electrical design, structural, plant
  • preparation practices and documentation for the authorization and the start of work
  • Support and coaching during the required funding
  • supply of photovoltaic modules
  • supply of materials and equipment to complete the installation
  • assistance with bureaucratic and administrative management agencies
  • project management and construction management
  • installation and testing
  • Support and maintenance
Photovoltaic Shelters

Sinergi has developed shelters photovoltaic kits. The kits are modular and allow the realization solutions from a minimum of two vehicles until the construction of real parking for hundreds of cars.
The basic module is represented by a shelter 2.40 m high, 6 m wide and 3.50 m deep. The shelter is equipped with very high efficiency Sunpower modules, providing a total capacity of more than 2 kWp.
Based on the needs of the project is therefore possible to combine several modules according to the space available.

Eternit Disposal

Eternit has been recognized since 1906 as a highly toxic material because it consists mostly of asbestos, whose extraction, production, sale, use and importation was banned by the European Union from 1 January 2005 with the Directive 77 July 26, 1999.
In accordance with the EU Directive, some Italian regions have already provided grants to meet the requirement to remove asbestos from the roofs and sheds: short-term the disposal of this material will become an obligation for all.
In the case of photovoltaic projects on roofs or sheds in eternit Sinergi took over the project of the disposal and all administrative procedures. The reclamation of the area, from economic burden, it becomes therefore a good investment.


Through partnerships with major companies in the field of roofing, Sinergi realize photovoltaic systems on any type of coverage, with the participation of insulation and waterproofing.
One of the most delicate problems in the installation of photovoltaic systems is the anchoring structure, especially if done on roofs or facades of buildings, warehouses and company.
Static calculations, dynamic studies on the effect "sail" of the panels to the wind, snow load, in addition to the waterproofing problem (most of the projects involves the drilling of the roof), are not just a design problem but need a decade of experience of the operators and technicians who physically perform the installation.
To ensure a quality installation adapted to the life of the photovoltaic system (20 to 30 years), Sinergi operates in the phase of project, installation and preparation of coverage with highly qualified personnel in the field and roofing waterproofing.

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