The economic yields of photovoltaic systems are significant, but to ensure that those yields give the expected gain in a long-term investment is fundamental to program a series of operations maintenance and verification that maintain constant efficiency over time ensuring a return on investment that otherwise could be reduced from 7% to 15% over the years.

Below is a graph showing the decline in annual production from 1st to 3rd year of the life of a plant in northern Italy, due to lack of routine maintenance.

Sinergi S.r.l. proposes a number of packaged: from the simplest to the most complex that can be customized by the owners of photovoltaic systems in accordance with the needs identified.

Maintenance services selected or customized will be evaluated economically on the basis of location, accessibility, type and size of the PV. In this respect, once selected the desired services, the plant owner will receive a personalized contract proposal with its annual economic computation.

Typologies of Services

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