Heat Pump

The heat pump is a machine capable of transferring thermal energy from a source to a lower temperature to a source at a higher temperature or vice versa, using different forms of energy, usually electrical.
The indisputable performance advantages of these machines are now further accentuated by new facilities with systems of tax reduction and incentives stemming from the "Account Heat."

SINERGI SRL Official Distributor for Italy of German Group

Heat pump for heating and cooling
The Dimplex heat pumps provide heating and hot water for the whole year in a growing number of buildings.
Because the future is environmentally friendly heating systems with heat pumps of the latest generation. The heat pumps have operating costs extremely lower than the other systems for heating / cooling as derive much of the energy required by the environment and require no oil or gas to work.
As a manufacturer of heat pumps and systems providers we offer the full range of heat pump air / water and geothermal ground source for heating and produce hot water. In addition heat pumps that in the summer can be used also for cooling.

Turnkey installation

Sinergi designs and manufactures industrial plant with heat pumps of any type. Sinergi will be the only point of reference for:

  • inspection and technical-economic data collection;
  • feasibility study and plant design;
  • preliminary project of the plant and estimate investment;
  • electrical and structural project;
  • supply of materials and equipment to complete the installation;
  • installation and testing;
  • service and maintenance.
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